Sprocket (was Congo) born July 2017
We are looking for an active home for Sprocket, he is an intelligent dog who loves to learn we are looking for an owner who will continue with his training. Sprocket is very affectionate and loves cuddles on the sofa, and also loves a bath and a brush.
Sprocket is a lovely, playful dog and walks well on a lead, his recall is ok but he can be easily distracted and likes to chase birds and rabbits so work needs to be done to improve his recall.
He may be able to live with another dog if the energy levels match, as he does love to play all of the time. Outside of the home he loves to play with other dogs he meets.
Sprocket doesn’t like to be left on his own for long so will need somebody who is at home for the majority of the time.
Sprocket needs a very secure garden with 7 – 8 ft fencing as he can jump!